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Cat Tree Carpenter

You’ll create interactive perches and cat trees for the cats who are awaiting adoption at the shelter based on their current needs. Using your own tools and workspace at whatever time is convenient to you, your carpentry skills will create warm homes and play structures for the cats waiting for their forever family. You’ll connect with Focus on Ferals to arrange a delivery.

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You love finding a new project to put your carpentry skills to use in a creative way. You’re excited by the idea of looking up different types of cat trees you can create (hello, Pinterest!) and learning from Focus on Ferals what would work best for their needs. You like the idea of working on a project from home or in your shop, on your own time.

About Focus on Ferals

Focus on Ferals assists Grand Rapids cats through a full management plan focused on spaying/neutering (including trap-neuter-return for feral cats), a socialization and adoption program for feral kittens and friendly strays, and ongoing support for the people who care for these cats. Focus on Feral’s vision is to achieve a No-Kill nation through the effective use of humane strategies, where every cat is treated with care and compassion.

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If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the Focus on Ferals directly.

Chris Kruisthof Volunteer Coordinator

What to Expect

Fill out a volunteer application, and a staff member will contact you for a short in-person interview and a tour of the facility. Then you will receive one-on-one training at your first shift.