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Community Food Club

Check-Out Clerk

You’ll assist Food Club members at check-out by ringing up and helping bag their groceries. You’ll use a very user-friendly computer system to check-out the items while providing a friendly, hospitable experience for the member. You’ll help members make sure they’re using their points for the month and assist with bagging their groceries.

Show me how to get started
flexible two-hour shifts; as you're available; one-hour lunchtime shifts also available
16+; volunteers younger than 18 must have a legal guardian sign a liability waiver
Southeast Side
Community Food Club
1100 S Division Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49507 1100 S Division Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You love making people feel welcome and making small-talk (especially when it comes to swapping recipes). You’ve got a knack for customer service, a love for making a grocery trip a pleasant experience, and you’re up for learning the names of the “regulars” if you keep returning for an ongoing shift. You’ll be on your feet the whole shift, and you’ve got the energy and mobility to help move and bag groceries.

About Community Food Club

Walk through the doors of the Community Food Club and you will finds a grocery store stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk, cheese, meat and dry goods. Members complete their shopping trip at the checkout lane and receive a receipt that shows the order total and the remaining point balance.

Member households pay $11-$15 for a 30 day membership and are given an allotment of points based on their household size. Point values are assigned to each food item at the Community Food Club and members select the foods that best meet their families needs. Members may shop as often as they wish, up to once per day, until all of their points are used. Dignity and choice are the hallmarks of the Community Food Club model.

What differentiates the Community Food Club from a traditional grocery store? The price! Fruits and vegetables are the lowest priced items in the store while processed foods and snacks are the among the highest. This model helps increase food security in general; providing our members access to fresh produce and other healthy foods.

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What Others are Saying

“I’ve always felt like feeding people has to be addressed before their other goals can be met. I’m so impressed by what the Club has accomplished in our community. At the Club, a member has a limited number of points to buy food, so sometimes they have to make difficult choices about what they can and cannot buy. Helping make these final decisions with them can be heartbreaking for me. But, in these moments, I try to remember that sometimes the best I can do is be with my community and not try to ‘fix’ anything.”


Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the Community Food Club directly.

Administrator Program Manager 616-288-5550

What to Expect

Reach out to Kendra to let her know you're interested. She'll send you some basic paperwork to submit, then she'll invite you to an upcoming one-hour orientation for new volunteers. Once you've completed orientation, you'll be able to sign up for future volunteer roles and shifts that work best for you using an easy online sign-up tool.