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Childcare Volunteer

During our 9 month Sister Circles Program, our women's cohort meets monthly for educational workshops and during this time childcare is provided. As a Childcare Volunteer you allow the women to focus on important topics like education, personal health, American systems, community leadership, financial management, etc. You'll be equipped with everything you need in order to effectively care for the children with their mamas gathered just down the stairs! Toys, lunch, activities and support from the staff is always provided.

Show me how to get started
Volunteers are committed to caring for the children of our program members throughout the full length of the workshop they've signed up for. Flexibility, an open mind, patience and and an energetic spirit ready to have some cross-cultural fun will result in a wonderful Volunteer Experience! You’ll sign up for designated slots in advance, picking times and dates that fit your schedule. The workshops for women on a Saturday or Sunday, with childcare needed from 8am-1pm. Lunch will be provided!
18+, must complete training and pass a background / reference check.
Greater GR
We serve New Americans living in Grand Rapids and the surrounding area.
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Grand Rapids, MI 49507 906 Division ave S. 
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You’re interested in tearing down the barriers that stand between New Americans and their flourishing in our community. You want to be an ally and practically support women and teen girls as they access opportunities and strive to grow. You are flexible and patient, good at accommodating changing needs and okay if things don’t go exactly as planned. You can commit to the shifts you take, as it is essential for the peace of mind of the women and safety of the children that we are providing adequate and ample childcare. You have cross-cultural competency and aren’t afraid of figuring out how to respectfully communicate across language and cultural differences.

About Treetops Collective

Treetops Collective is focused on creating opportunities and connections for refugee women and teen girls in West Michigan through asset-based community development and social enterprise. They are celebrating the creative gifts new neighbors bring to our community through textile, pottery and screen-printing work, as well as advocating for a more welcoming community through creation and sales of tees that say “welcome” in different languages. Additionally, they are increasing the capacity for women in the Greater Grand Rapids area to develop relationships with their newest neighbors by facilitating introductions and coordinating relationships with New Americans in intentional friendships that increase community and cultural competency. Social fabric is necessary for all of us to flourish, and they are passionate about creating a new kind of welcoming community.

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Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the Treetops Collective directly.

What to Expect

Fill out an application, and Treetops will reach out and invite you to the next volunteer information meeting. Then, you’ll meet in person or via phone with our Community Manager to discuss details of the role. Time and schedule for transporting members will depend on your availability. Treetops will keep in regular contact and someone will be available the day of each workshop to support you.