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Computer Instructor

You’ll facilitate a local in-person computer course taught using a series of online modules. You’ll be present in the classroom to help students as they go through courses in Microsoft Office, email, social media, and more, each learning at their own pace.

Comprenew classes go for either five weeks (two 90-minute classes each week) or ten weeks (one 90-minute class each week). Classes are typically held at various partner sites around Grand Rapids; the time of day and week varies by each host site. A typical class has anywhere from 4-10 students at a time, each seated at a computer.

One in every four Grand Rapids Public Schools families doesn’t have a computer in the home. A lot of the students in Comprenew classes are parents with school-aged kids who want to be able to help with homework and complete basic tasks online. Comprenew students are typically connected to the free classes through social service agencies, such as Grand Rapids Public Housing or Senior Neighbors.

You can let Comprenew know what times and days work for you and coordinate a partner site based on your availability. As each five-week session ends, you can choose if/when to begin facilitating a new class for another five-week period.

Show me how to get started
90 minutes once or twice week for 5 or 10 weeks, respectively
18+; proficient in computer programs and some basic social media

Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You are proficient in basic computer programs, internet usage, and social media. You don’t need to know everything about everything (that’s what the online module is for!), but you can help facilitate students’ learning by hearing their questions well and figuring out the answer together. You don’t have to have teaching experience, but you have a knack for meeting someone where they are at and explaining things in a way they’ll understand. You can work with people with different backgrounds and challenges from yours.

About Comprenew

Comprenew’s mission is to protect people, businesses, and the environment from the threat of improperly disposed electronic devices through best practice technology data management, asset recovery and recycling services, while fostering a heightened sense of caring for the environment, skill development and job readiness through our volunteer, work experience, and computer literacy programs.

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Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the Comprenew directly.

Erin Donnelly Director of Community Outreach (616) 988-8282

What to Expect

Reach out to Erin to schedule an in-person interview at Comprenew’s offices. You’ll get the chance to review the class syllabus for the ten classes. She will answer any questions you have about Comprenew, the classes, and the curriculum. Using your availability and Comprenew’s needs, you’ll be placed in a partner organization hosting the classes and begin teaching. You can choose at the end of five weeks if/when you’re like to facilitate another class. If you need an accessible classroom, let her know and she’ll make sure you’re matched with a class location that will work for you.