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Alternatives in Motion

Donation Pick-Up Driver

You’ll pick up wheelchairs and other mobility equipment from the homes or businesses of generous donors once or twice a week. Based on your own weekday availability, you’ll grab the AIM van keys (wheelchair lift included!) from the Belknap Lookout office and navigate to the donor’s location. Most of the time, the donor can help you get the equipment into the van, then you’ll return the equipment to AIM for staff to repair and redistribute.

Show me how to get started
any weekday daytime hours; 1-2 times/week based on your availability
Valid driver’s license; ability to handle moderate lifting if necessary
Belknap Lookout, Others
AIM and other pick-up sites
2215 29th Street Suite A6
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 2215 29th Street
Suite A6
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You like to do pretty straightforward, behind-the-scenes work on your own. You’re comfortable navigating your way to new addresses, meeting someone there, and getting the donated equipment (like a powered wheelchair) into your vehicle. You like the idea of being able to choose your own daytime volunteer hours, and you don’t mind driving around town year-round.

About Alternatives in Motion

Alternatives in Motion firmly believes everyone should have the opportunity to participate in society and not be hindered by mobility issues. Through their one-of-a-kind wheelchair donation and refurbishment program, they give the gift of mobility to individuals living in Grand Rapids in need who may not qualify for other types of assistance.

  • AIM Wheelchair Mechanic
  • AIM Clients With Chair
  • AIM Wheelchairs With Clients

What Others are Saying

“Volunteering for Alternatives in Motion has been invigorating as my impact is extremely valued and immediately received. I have personally been involved with wheelchair maintenance and process improvement initiatives. Working with AIM's staff members has been amazing and the facility is very conducive for volunteering.  Even though I do not work directly with many of the wheelchair recipients, it truly warms my heart to know that my hands helped somebody gain back the gift of mobility!”


Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the Alternatives in Motion directly.

Coleen Davis Executive Director 616-493-2620

What to Expect

Contact Coleen Davis (see left) for more information. AIM is flexible with your schedule and gives you a detailed introduction to the organization before you begin your work.