Guest House Concierge
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Mercy Health Saint Mary's

Guest House Concierge

You’ll welcome guests to Sophia’s House, serving as a friendly concierge who creates a hospitable and helpful home for people visiting Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Hospital. You’ll greet people as they arrive, help with wayfinding around Grand Rapids (think: restaurant recommendations and museum hours), answer phone calls, and try to be accommodating to guests’ needs. After housekeeping is finished, you’ll do a walk-through of the rooms to make sure everything is ready for the next guest. Weekday shifts are available from 8 a.m.–12 p.m., 12–4 p.m., or 4–8 p.m.

Guests are patients or their friends and family who are staying at the house while receiving treatment at Mercy Health. They stay anywhere from one night to a few months. Nightly accommodations cost $40/night, but financial assistance is available through the hospital.

Show me how to get started
Weekly shifts, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.–12 p.m. or 12–4 p.m. or 4–8 p.m.
18+; pass a background check; be up-to-date on immunizations; pass a TB skin test
Downtown, Heartside
Sophia's House
210 Lafayette Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 210 Lafayette Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You naturally offer a sense of warmth and hospitality to people. Being in a hospital environment can be stressful, but you have a calm sense about you that puts people at ease when they come into Sophia’s House. You like learning people’s names and interesting things about them. You’re a natural conversationalist and consider yourself a helper. You like the idea that each shift will be different.

About Mercy Health Saint Mary's

Mercy Health Saint Mary's Campus is an integrated healthcare network committed to providing healthcare that is more complete and personally satisfying by offering the latest technology and most highly skilled staff in a patient-centered environment. Since 1893, when its first 15-bed hospital opened in Grand Rapids, Mercy Health Saint Mary's has been working to improve the health of the community. Mercy Health Physician Partners in Grand Rapids employs more than 120 primary care physicians and 50 specialists; five community outreach centers; and affiliations with home healthcare, rehab services, and senior living centers. Mercy Health Saint Mary's is a member of Trinity Health, the fourth-largest Catholic health care system in the country.

What Others are Saying

A highlight of this role is being able to give the guests one less thing to worry about. They are there because it allows them to be close to a loved one being treated at a reasonable rate so they do not have to worry about not being there for them or having to travel back and forth because they cannot afford to stay close by. To see a guest be so thankful to have such a facility that they can use, or get questions answered to ease their confusion or anxiety, or even just to be there to listen if they need to talk because they are stressed out over what is going on with their loved one gives you a sense of pride and caring.


Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the Mercy Health Saint Mary's directly.

Hannah Heisler Volunteer Services Coordinator 616-685-1888

What to Expect

Complete a volunteer application, and then your references and background checks will be completed. You’ll be contacted for a phone interview and then invited to an upcoming two-hour group orientation at Sophia’s House. Your first shift will include training and information on all the basics of Sophia’s House. A manager will also always be available during shifts for questions or concerns so you can feel at ease learning this new role.