Healing Meals Client Liaison
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Revive and Thrive Project

Healing Meals Client Liaison

You’ll be the point of contact for several cancer patients who are receiving free specialty meal delivery from Revive and Thrive. You’ll visit clients in their homes to help them fill out paperwork, communicate important information about the program, and pass along the client’s needs to the organization. You’ll communicate the meal delivery process, help them understand the type of food served and how to properly reheat it, and keep them updated on community classes, lectures, and other offerings that might support their healing.

Your first contact with the client will be a home visit at a time that works for both of you, then the rest of your relationship can be over phone and email.

Show me how to get started
1-2 hours/week as your schedule aligns with the client
18+; pass a background check
Varies based on client's location

Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You understand the challenges of a cancer diagnosis, perhaps through your own experience or that of a loved one, and feel prepared for the reality of the illness. You’re an excellent communicator and have a knack for explaining things in ways that people understand. You are a good listener, can maintain healthy boundaries, and understand that sometimes being supportive is simply listening without trying to fix. Sometimes sharing your own story or giving advice isn’t best, and a client just needs someone to listen. You have a strong sense of empathy, able to feel out what someone might need or want for support. This is a particular good opportunity for a medical professional or social worker or students pursuing these fields, though isn’t a requirement.

About Revive and Thrive Project

The Revive and Thrive Project simultaneously provides healthy meals to cancer patients, teaches teens to cook, and promotes healthy eating skills. The organization provides those facing life-threatening illnesses with free and delivered nourishing meals during treatment and recovery. Teens volunteer as teen chefs and help prepare the meals while learning healthy eating skills and the value of serving their community. They educate the community on the vital role of whole, fresh, local foods to support health. Creating and supporting compassionate, caring connections is at the heart of their work.

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What Others are Saying

"The journey of struggling through a serious illness can take attention away from what matters most and create additional stressors that our clients don't need. As a Client Liaison, we are there to relieve one facet of this journey. A Client Liaison is the contact person between Revive & Thrive and our families to assure that our clients are being nourished with our organic healthy meals created by our caring kitchen staff and mentored teens. We'll share details about the delicious deliveries and answer our clients' questions. We also provide resources for community enrichment and will help with the transition from receiving meals to amazing, easy recipes they can create themselves."


Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the Revive and Thrive Project directly.

Wendy Borden Founder and Executive Director 616-581-4103

What to Expect

Reach out to Wendy to schedule your training with either her or the client manager. You’ll get to visit the kitchen in downtown Grand Rapids to get an overview of how the meal preparation works and to meet the teens who make the meals and, if you want, tag along for a meal delivery. Before your first solo home visit, you will have completed the training and read through the training manual; you’ll have a checklist for your first visit so you feel like you know the right steps, though you can always reach out for help if needed.