Postpartum Grief Support
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Postpartum Grief Support

You’ll help provide support to families grieving the loss of a baby by listening, connecting them to resources, offering options, and attending to their needs, all without any predetermined ideas about how they should be grieving. You’ll be an important part of MomsBloom’s postpartum loss program called Cameron’s Garden, which offers a place for newly bereaved parents to turn to for a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to help these families get started on a journey toward hope and healing. MomsBloom finds that it is helpful for these particular volunteers to have personal experience with infant loss. Sometimes families will want a few weeks of phone calls or emails with you, while others may want to meet a few times in person.

Show me how to get started
up to a few months of regular digital and in-person contact
18+; pass background check; some personal experience with loss
Varies by where family lives

Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You understand that grief is personal and no one’s process looks like anyone else’s. Grief comes in waves, it is not linear, and you don’t “get over it.” You want to support people as they learn what it means to live with it and engage with life while also sitting with the grief. You know you won’t always say or do the right thing, but you’re willing to be present. If you’ve experienced your own loss, it’s best to wait at least a year to ensure you’ve had some time to do your own grieving; your grief will never be done, but you’ll be further along in the process.

About MomsBloom

MomsBloom builds and strengthens families through peer support and advocacy to help navigate challenges of early motherhood and fatherhood. MomsBloom offers free in-home services that match volunteers with families of newborns, grief support services for families experiencing loss, and other support services. Through MomsBloom, parents can benefit from nonjudgmental support and companionship, helpful parenting education, and a connection to the broader community.

What Others are Saying

“When I receive a call for support, I reach out initially through email to let the grieving mom know I am here for her. I offer to visit or call her if she’d like to talk. More than anything, she wants to tell her story to someone who understands. I’ve also found that she wants to hear what my experience with loss has been and how I have found peace. When I meet a grieving mom, I give her space and a hand to hold. I let her talk and give her the time and encouragement to release some sadness or anger. I can give her a break from trying to ‘keep it together’ around her family, coworkers, and friends, which can be a relief. If you have experienced loss and have found your path to healing and peace, I encourage you to become a volunteer. You may be worried about the emotional heaviness of it, but you are not there to ‘fix’ her. Keep in mind it's all about listening—that is a tremendous gift to a grieving parent.”


Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the MomsBloom directly.

Angie Walters Volunteer Coordinator 616-828-1021

What to Expect

Fill out a MomsBloom Cameron’s Garden volunteer application to get started. You are welcome to talk with MomsBloom staff during that process to explore if this is an opportunity you are ready for. You’ll be asked some general questions, as well as your own experience with grief. A special training for Cameron’s Garden volunteers is provided with a very small group.