Resource Educator for New Moms
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Resource Educator for New Moms

You’ll help a family identify and build their support network by coaching moms about opportunities like playgroups, explaining the role of a mother’s helper and how they can find one, how to organize a sitter trade opportunity, and how to access other community resources that they may not yet know about. You’ll be specially trained on community resources and then visit new parents once or twice before meeting the next parents.

Show me how to get started
1-2 visits/week for 1-3 months
18+; pass background check
Varies by where mom lives

Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You’re a bit of a “connector” and love telling people about things you think they’ll enjoy or will find helpful. You’re proud of the resources our community offers, and you want to be sure people know to access them. You’re not as interested in getting to know new parents over several months, but making one or two visits to share helpful information and resources. You’re energized by connecting people to a set of tools that will you know will help them out.

About MomsBloom

MomsBloom builds and strengthens families through peer support and advocacy to help navigate challenges of early motherhood and fatherhood. MomsBloom offers free in-home services that match volunteers with families of newborns, grief support services for families experiencing loss, and other support services. Through MomsBloom, parents can benefit from nonjudgmental support and companionship, helpful parenting education, and a connection to the broader community.

What Others are Saying

“This role lets me connect a mom or family with the opportunities available from a variety of resources, not just MomsBloom. I love watching a mom's eyes come to life, through that postpartum haze, when she learns of the resources available to her and her family, no matter her situation. Puts a smile on my face every time! From educating and comforting mom to holding and loving that baby...there is nothing better! I fall in love every time.”


Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the MomsBloom directly.

Angie Walters Volunteer Coordinator 616-828-1021

What to Expect

Fill out this volunteer application to get started. You’ll also see the next scheduled orientations for all MomsBloom volunteers. The training will cover best practices, tips for first visits, active listening skills, support moms non-judgmentally, etc. Resource Educators will receive a brief additional training about community resources and strategies.