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Godfrey-Lee Public Schools

Spanish Interpreter

You’ll provide Spanish interpretation for school parents, students, and staff to ensure that parents have a voice in their children’s education. Every time you interpret between the school and a family, you’ll help parents have a voice to help them understand and contribute to their kids’ success. Your interpretation skills could be helpful in a variety of settings, based on your schedule and Spanish-speaking level.

Sometimes the need is more conversational, like a parent-teacher meeting or being a “floating interpreter” at a school event, such as an evening athletic event or conference. Other times, if you’re comfortable with more technical proficiency, you can participate in educational planning meetings, which can involve more specialized vocabulary between the school and a family.

Opportunities are occasional during the summer; the need is greatest during the school year. Interpreters are especially needed during daytime office hours, like morning drop-off between 7:30 - 9:30 a.m., but there are evening events too. Each shift/need would have a level assigned to it, so you can get a sense of what proficiency is needed.

While ten different languages are spoken among Godfrey-Lee students, Spanish is by far the most common. Almost half of Godfrey-Lee students speak Spanish as their first language, coming from Cuba, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and more.

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as you're available; you can be on-call for event-related needs or you can commit to a regular shift, like school drop-off hours
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Four different schools on one campus
Godfrey Ave SW and Burton Ave SW Godfrey Ave SW and Burton Ave SW

Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You’re proficient in Spanish and English, of course. But you’re also really passionate about quality education and empowering students. You know the value of parents’ involvement and have energy around engaging the parents. You understand that interpretation is a skill you develop over time; it can be difficult to communicate without embellishing or leaving anything out. You feel strongly about making sure the right message gets across between speaker and listener.

About Godfrey-Lee Public Schools

The Godfrey-Lee Public School district serves a one-square-mile neighborhood southwest of Grand Rapids in the northeast corner of Wyoming. Godfrey-Lee also welcomes more than 200 schools-of-choice students. The total district population is under 2,000, and the small size offers opportunities for any student to participate in any extracurricular activity she or he may have interest in. While the district’s poverty rate is the highest in Kent County, students are seen as “of promise” rather than “at risk.”

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What Others are Saying

I love that I am able to help others in my community and connect even more to what is going on around me. As a parent with children in the Godfrey-Lee schools, I believe it is crucial for my kids to see me involved in their education. I believe it is very important to be involved because our kids spend a major part of their day at school. As an interpreter, I find that I am able to give of my skills and time to help others who may not be able to understand what was going on otherwise. This work is very rewarding as I can see the direct impact that I have.


Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the Godfrey-Lee Public Schools directly.

Jaime Ramirez Community Liaison 616-241-4722 x 5322

What to Expect

Reach out to Jaime to let him know you’re interested; he coordinates all the interpreters for the district's ten languages. He’ll schedule an in-person meeting with you to learn more about your availability, as well as your comfort level with Spanish and interpreting. Jaime can be present for your first translating shift so that you feel supported and get a sense for what the role is like.