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Virtual Career Coach

You’ll help high school students discern their career paths by answering questions through an online discussion board. Questions like “How stressful is your job?” or “How much schooling did you need?” are submitted by students looking to explore a particular career. Based on your career experience, you will be assigned to a job board that matches your field (think teacher, office manager, dental hygienist, etc.) When students submit a question to the discussion board, you will be emailed and asked if you would like to reply. Typical responses are 2 - 5 sentences each and take less than ten minutes to complete.

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Must have access to internet; participants are subject to a background check.
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Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You have had one or more careers and value the experience from your occupation(s). You’re excited to share your career expertise with future young professionals and like the idea of doing so at home or on the go. While there are potential opportunities to meet with the students face-to-face, you must be willing and motivated to have most of your interactions happen behind a screen.

About Mi Bright Future

MI Bright Future makes it possible for students to explore careers with guidance from professionals and employers online. Through company profiles, virtual discussion boards, and a database of approved work-based learning opportunities, MI Bright Future provides students real-time insight into the skills and education needed to achieve career goals by connecting them with local professionals who have already learned what it takes to succeed in their occupation. From the students who have utilized the program, 91% agreed that the technology helped them realize the importance of doing well in school, and 86% felt more confident about making educational and career decisions.

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What Others are Saying

As a small business owner in the IT field, I appreciate the mentorship and work-based learning experiences that I was provided along my career path. When I found out about an opportunity to guide students in their journey, I signed up for the program immediately. I love that I can answers students questions about working in the IT field, while drinking my morning coffee at home! MI Bright Futures makes volunteering easy and accessible.


Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the Mi Bright Future directly.

Kristi Ayers Business Partnership Coordinator 616-450-1617

What to Expect

Fill out a registration form to get started. Online registration is easy and takes about 20 minutes to complete. From there, Kristi will review your application and run a criminal background check. If you are approved to volunteer, MI Bright Future will build your online profile in their database system. You will receive an email notification with log-in instructions when your profile is ready.