Women's Shelter Assistant
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Degage Ministries

Women's Shelter Assistant

You’ll welcome women to Dégagé’s overnight shelter, Open Door Women’s Center, from either 6-7:30 a.m. or 6:45-8:30 p.m. For about two hours, you’ll help them get settled and connect with services, such as managing the shower and laundry sign-ups or opening lockers. You’ll create a warm atmosphere through joyful attitudes and encouraging conversations.

Show me how to get started
2-hour evening shifts for at least six months from 6-7:30 a.m. or 6:45-8:30 p.m.
18+; female
Dégagé Ministries
144 Division Ave S
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 144 Division Ave S
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Is This the Right Fit for Me?

You understand that the women coming through the shelter’s doors are coming from some tough stories. In the face of their trauma, you are willing to offer patience and empathy. You understand a commitment to regularly showing up means a lot, because many of these women see people come and go from their lives. You realize your struggles may differ from theirs, but you value bringing your warm presence and friendly demeanor on a regular evening each week. You get that the power of presence goes a long way.

About Degage Ministries

Dégagé’s goal is to assure that every person who is served knows that they're not alone. For those served at Dégagé, many of whom are homeless and low-income, the hardships can be overwhelming—loss of shelter, loss of employment, loss of a loved one, loss of control and loss of opportunity. For these reasons, Dégagé walks alongside its patrons, knowing that God works through people and the Grand Rapids community to bring light to a broken world.

  • Open Door Wall
  • Open Door Prayer
  • Open Door Womens Center

What Others are Saying

“I used to stay at that homeless shelter, so I wanted to give back. I enjoy getting to know the women and hearing about their days and their stories. Sometimes I tell my story of being there to show the women that they can get through this. I love getting to know everyone by name.”


Contact the Organization

If you’re ready to ask some questions and get started, contact the Degage Ministries directly.

Holly Kammel Volunteer Coordinator 616-454-1661 x212

What to Expect

After filling out the volunteer application form, you will be contacted by Holly to schedule a volunteer orientation. (On the form, scroll down to “Open Door Volunteer” to express your interest in this particular opportunity.) For your first few shifts, staff will be there to guide you and answer questions.