Have questions?

Take a look at some of the most common questions. If you don't see an answer, let's talk.

I want to serveGR with [insert your favorite group of people here]. Do you know of any group volunteer opportunities for a service project?

At ServeGR, we focus on ongoing volunteer opportunities for individuals in the greater Grand Rapids area. Our community is lucky enough to have Heart of West Michigan United Way, which does a great job connecting groups of people to service projects and city-wide service days throughout West Michigan. For more information on group service projects, contact United Way’s Katelyn Kovalik.

Can I serveGR alongside my kids?

It’s so great to get out into the community with kids! Keep in mind that a lot of organizations don't have opportunities for kids to volunteer because of the nature of their programs, liability, etc. However, we have a whole list of organizations that welcome kids of different ages to volunteer! You can find them at servegr.com/withmykids or by typing "with my kids" in the homepage search bar.

Do you have opportunities to serveGR outside of the metro area?

We focus on opportunities within the greater Grand Rapids area, though we encourage people from absolutely anywhere to volunteer.

What opportunities work for a volunteer with mobility challenges?

In the search bar, enter "accessibility" to see a list of opportunities that are wheelchair-accessible (to the best of our knowledge). However, please speak with an organization before you move forward to make sure it's a good fit for your unique circumstances. We hope this list is a good place to start.

I need volunteer hours for school.

You're more than welcome to get connected here! If you're a high school student, you can also check out your school's Key Club, National Honor Society, or guidance office. College students, your campus may have an entire department devoted to helping you! Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Valley State University, Calvin College, Aquinas College, and others have great Service Learning departments to connect you.

I may not pass a background check, but most of the opportunities seem to require it. Is there an opportunity for me?

Good news: there are certainly things on a background check that may not be relevant to the volunteer work that you want to do, and many organizations are willing to have that conversation with you. A good first-step is calling or emailing the primary contact listed on an opportunity's page to find out if that opportunity would still be a good fit for you.

I work for a non-profit, and I'd like our volunteer opportunities to be on ServeGR.

Email hello@serveGR.com. We'll begin a conversation about what it looks like for you to be included here. Keep in mind: we're looking for volunteer opportunities that are ongoing, so think less "annual events" and more about how someone could serveGR with your organization longer-term. At this time, we do not include committee or board openings. We do not post internships, though the volunteer opportunities on this site are great pre-internship experiences! There is no cost to be a part of ServeGR.