What People are Saying

Hear directly from non-profit organizations and their volunteers about how ServeGR is making Grand Rapids a better place.


After processing through the loss of my grandmother, I wanted to find an opportunity to connect with a resident who would benefit from regular visits and companionship. ServeGR quickly linked me to a volunteer opportunity at Clark Home along with a wonderful volunteer coordinator who made sure I was oriented, equipped, and set up with a resident in their Dementia unit who would be a good fit. Wednesday evenings are truly a highlight of my week now. I get to slow down and spend time swapping life stories, tending a garden, and going for walks with a resident who deals with the complexities/losses of Alzheimer's Disease. It's often hard to witness what this disease has taken from my friend but in the end I am grateful that I get to be present. 

- Martha, Hospice Companion / Emmanuel Hospice

I wanted to get more involved in the Heartside neighborhood and felt like volunteering was a great place to start! ServeGR.com was super easy to use and I was able to filter through opportunities based on my skills, interests, and availability. Every Sunday evening I now go to Dégagé Ministries and help patrons check into the shelter. My favorite volunteer moments have been when the women share stories from their lives. They have been through so much pain and sorrow, and yet they have this uncanny ability to see hope for another day. Their courage and persistence has definitely challenged my preconceived notions about homelessness.

- Sarah, Women's Shelter Assistant / Dégagé Ministries


ServeGR has listed our organization on their website for the last two years. This is a fantastic method to connect us with committed volunteers who are interested in what we do. A huge benefit for us is that we don’t have to do any of the leg work finding volunteers, it’s all right on the website – which is so easy to navigate – and they do all the work of answering potential volunteer questions. They also have figured out what people need to know to volunteer and make it really easy for both the volunteers and the organization. We love not having to add to our workload while having access to a huge number of potential volunteers!

- Lisa Sisson, Founder and Director / Heartside Gleaning Initiative

When ServeGR contacted the Creative Youth Center, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. So, I began asking question after question about the organization, their mission, and how they fit into Grand Rapids. ServeGR's answers were informed, engaged, and on-point. 

It's an incredible gift to our community to have an easy-to-use platform that presents searchable volunteer opportunities in a welcoming and consistent voice. What's more—and what's likely invisible from a user standpoint—ServeGR takes on the burden of the work: they reach out to organizations, email to ask about updates and when opportunities should go live, and send drafts of copy for organizations to review before publishing. For a small organization like ours where a few staff wear a boatload of hats, it's incredibly helpful to have someone else offer to do the remembering and updating. 

ServeGR has connected several (committed, awesome, enthusiastic, engaged) volunteers with the CYC. ServeGR isn't just a platform: it's actual people investing energy and time into their community so that more people in the community will invest in it. Yes to this kind of cycle. Again and again.

- Brianne Carpenter, Program Director / Creative Youth Center

ServeGR.com has been an amazing collaborative partner with Hospice of Michigan. We are firm believers in bringing your talent, passion for our mission, and heart to the different volunteer opportunities that we offer. As a local nonprofit organization, ServeGR.com is a great resource for meaningful volunteering within our wonderful community!  

- Claire Fisher, Volunteer Program Manager / Hospice of Michigan